Let's Have a Look at Our Client Stories

Singapore Localization

We have deployed for some customers and are also using it ourselves. I would like to describe - this module is reliable, useful and offering good value for money.

- Ken Tan, Accentuate Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Property Management System

ODOO PMS is so big and have so many features, that we couldn't make it work. Maybe this year we will put more resources working on this Proyecto, so we can get it work. The features meet our requirements, but it`s not very intuitive for people with low to medium experience in software.
- Cristobal Lama, Redcomercio, Santiago Centro, Chile.

Property Management System

It is amazing. Being able to manage properties and have it fully integrated with accounts. I don't think there are many systems out there that can do this.

-Ken Tan, Accentuate Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Restaurant Management System

Good base for further development.
- Victor Jemio, DAO Systems.

Property Management System

Simply, Meets our needs.
- Hatem Mohamed, Swanco Group, Egypt.

Restaurant Management System

Fantastic Module. This module strengthens Odoo's weakness: POS. Not only would I recommend Restaurant POS. I would highly recommend any solution providers out there to consider working with Serpent Consulting. Studying the modules that they have developed. They have shown undoubted competency in both software development as well as business processes. There are many developers out there but it is not easy to find one that is competent in business processes. So I highly recommend working with Serpent Consulting Services. Cheers.

- Ken Tan, Accentuate Pte Ltd, Singapore

Mass Editing

Mass Editing is a fantastic time-saving module that, in many cases, replaces the slow and tedious process of exporting to a CSV and re-importing. It is a great productivity booster for anyone who needs to update ODOO data in bulk!!
- James Edmington

Restaurant Management System

It worked, but it was lacking a lot of features we expected. We did expand it a bit before using it.

- Cristobal, Aktiva 

ODOO-Office 365 Module

SerpentCS was able to handle our needs in a very short time and a complex environment.  The functional team and the technical team was well coordinate and handled our request at every time, even by night. I can surely recommend the service of Serpent CS.

- Tahar, CEO of Sotelco  

Property Management System

This module is good, meet our needs and offering value for money. I look forward to getting more reports & commission for real estate manager in coming version.

- Ahmed, Amek Capital, Kuwait

Singapore Localization

Kudos for the good effort to build Singapore Localization Module.

- Bill, Doji Media, Singapore

Restaurant Management System

It is a module very fit the needs of the restaurant client. Easy to learn, user-friendly. Parametrizable to the needs. Totally recommended. 

- Carlos Alberto Loaiza Guerrero, Pragmatic Ingenieria S.A.S, Colombia.  

Singapore Localization
Overall, SG Localization Module is a good start for Singapore based company looking for a quick and easy way to use ODOO.
- Jeremy Low,  AXTRO, Singapore
Property Management System
Good Application Does what it promises.

- Robert, LinqOne, Canada

POP-UP Reminder Module

I'm impressed how fast and efficient the support is. In a matter of seconds, Jay from SerpentCS. logged on to my server and help me fixing an error. I highly recommend using this module. If there's any problem you can count on them.

- Mario Alberto Ramos