System Overview

Odoo + RingCentral Integration is a complete suite of functionalities that can help those organizations which are offering Business Process Services. It is capable of handling two-way communication both in the form of calls & messages. This is an all-in-one solution that offers a single screen operation to manage your Contacts, Calls, Messages & communication history with your Odoo CRM.

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Key Features

  • An integrated VoIP CRM.

  • One-time technical set-up and configuration to start working.

  • VoIP integration to work as a complete suite of call center software.

  • Easy to navigate through contacts, calls, and messaging tools.

  • All-in-one solution Call Centers and works as BPO Software.

  • Offers two-way communication. You Can send and receive calls and messages.

  • Offers Call Flipping, Forwarding, and Recording.

  • Records call / message timings and other things to manage logs and history.

  • Offers functionality to call directly from CRM Lead.

  • Shows Separately managers' communication history in all your contacts too.

How does Ring Central + Odoo Integration work?

RingCentral is one of the leading cloud telephony providers & has various solutions available based on your business size & requirements.

We have a direct integration with Ring Central and can offer Calling/Messaging controls directly to the screens of your CRM.

This integrated solution works as a complete VoIP service.

Who can use it?

There might be plenty of BPO automation software but this solution is best for Call-Centers where there would be hundreds of people working together & constantly connecting with their customers via calls & messages.

By having such a solution in place, we don’t need to have separate solutions/devices for calling, messaging, contacts & to manage communication history.

In other words, this is an integrated CRM with direct calling functionality. It works as a complete call center system, hence will save a lot of time & effort which helps us to focus more on our core deliverables.

This Ring Central CRM Integration will just be the best fit as in a call center software / BPO Software. It provides complete BPO automation.

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Call Centers

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Marketing Agencies

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Sales and Support Executives

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Banking Professionals and Service Companies

Call Center Software

CRM is quite different in BPO companies. They need to have more accurate, stable & VoIP-enabled software to offer all features in one single screen.

RingCentral API Integration with Odoo has this capacity & helps to become a bridge between CRM & calling activities.

VoIP integration might be possible in many other base solutions but RingCentral + Odoo CRM Integration is far more smooth & user-friendly than those.

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