With an aim of offering smooth deliverance of knowledge and after adding lots of effort, finally, we are at the stage of launching our updated version of the highest downloaded product- Odoo EduERP. This highly popular product that aims to streamline the management of academic institutes and education field, offers a lot to its end users. Out of many products EduERP is one of our most downloaded product, we are constantly improving our product to make it more simple & usable as possible for our end-users. The end-users of this system are School Admin, Teachers, Students, School Accountants and Parents.

Our aim was to provide flawless access and functioning of EduERP modules for end-users. So, in order to fulfill this-

  • Our team has segregated the whole system into 12  different modules
  • Allow end-user to download the modules according to the requirement and use it flawlessly
  • Strategize the security role implementation and its related policies to individual modules
  • End-user can view and access only relevant details meant for them

Let us have a quick glance at our new development:

1. In the new version of EduERP, we have added classy dashboard and online examination.

2. This will help you to monitor every process by single screen & you can conduct online exam for all of your students.


education erp


Dashboard: It incorporates all secondary dashboards where you can find monthly admission graph with all existing teachers and student details.

                                                                                                 open source education erp


Exam dashboard: You can track the overall result details with student pass and fail.

                                                                      erp for education

Hostel dashboard: You can find details of available rooms and booked rooms with students details. Also, you can track payment details from the same screen.

                                                                         open source school erp

Library dashboard: It will automate your library with all necessary details. You can keep track of over all issued books with their issue date. You can also track the penalty details and lost book details from single dashboard.

Thus, this is how we have dashboard for separate modules. Overall we have 12 dashboards for 12 modules. The main feature of our EduERP system is the dashboards are not dependent on each other. If you want to use only library module, the dashboard for library will be independent.

Another most important feature is online examination. Online examination is currently in trend so we have incorporated this feature as well with EduERP system. This is one of the most useful features for modern schools.

So, let's have a quick overview at this feature:

                                                                               erp education





















You can configure your exam and add students/participants to it. This will make it easier for students/participants to give exam by directly logging into the system.

                                                                              erp for higher education



From here you can configure the questions and its answers. You can also set a score according to the correct answer as well as negative marking based on the wrong answer, if needed.

                                                                   erp for educational institutions

We can set up a scheduler with the exam with its duration and time limit. The duration is configurable, which makes it easier for scheduling exams. You don’t need to keep watch on each participant as exam will automatically stop if time gets over.

                                                                    educational software

You can see the timing enabled for the functional test. Once the time gets over it will automatically stop the exam.

                                                                    higher education erp systems            

Finally, the results are displayed immediately, once exam is finished.

Thus, these were some of the most innovative developments for Odoo EduERP system. If you wish to know more about our new version of EduERP or have any query, you can reach us on contact@serpentcs.com