Almost all of us would agree with the fact that making profits while running any business is a sign of successful business. And making any business profitable involves a lot of things like automating the system, integrating your business with right software solutions, taking the right decision at right time and many more. At the end, you must have a flawless, reliable and efficient system that can boost performance of your business and enhance its productivity.


When it comes to restaurant management, a quality POS system is required that guarantees smooth functioning right from serving the customers to making checkout faster and easier. By turning tables faster with the help of automated system, you will end up with increased revenue without sacrificing efficient customer service and food quality. But for all these things, you need to choose the most suitable Restaurant POS software solution for your business from numerous available solutions.

Before choosing any Restaurant POS solution, you must concentrate on top 3 features that can help your restaurant management easier. Those features are-

Being flexible and open to different choices:

  • Make sure the POS provider you choose is updated with latest technology and is open to different choices. Ask the vendor about the integration tools or API he chooses to link with POS systems for its streamline functioning. Besides that, enquire about the third-party applications and apps vendor uses with their Restaurant POS.

Able to control labor and food cost:

  • A Restaurant POS software must be able to track the employee hours, pay levels as well as other jobs. It should be versatile to offer integrated scheduling feature so that business volume can be planned and predicted properly while reducing errors.

Offers accurate analytics and reporting:

  • To record figures on your fingertips is quite critical and next to impossible. As a result, the POS you choose must be able to quickly and accurately deliver the reports whenever you need them. Right from customer data to detailed reports and analytics, everything should be under one roof providing accurate results.

Thus, being in this business you must be thinking about number of options that you can prefer for your business. But what if I say that there is readily open source solution available in the market that offers a number of flexible solutions with Restaurant POS. Isn't that great? Let's read further to know more about that.

All in One solution- Odoo Restaurant POS system:

Main Features:

  • Clear layout and easy table management on the floor

  • Easy table allocation and tracking the actions

  • Quick and easy glance at the menu items with proper menu description

  • Customize the orders before placing final order

  • Flexible billing solution. Let you split or merge two or more bills

  • Void bill generation in case of canceled orders

  • Multiple user login using unique session

  • Easy billing feature that supports multiple currency and payment methods

  • Easy report generation


  • Lower operational cost and maintenance charges

  • Quick analysis of popular selling product and prioritizing it

  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

  • Flexible solution that helps you to grow, expand and add new things to the business

  • Accurate report generation with sales reports

Thus, this is how OpenERP/Odoo Restaurant POS can enhance your Restaurant Management Software and help you in many ways to increase profits of your business.

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