Odoo CMS - a big picture

Do You Provide ODOO Customization and Implementation Services ?

SerpentCS is official ODOO Partner having top ranking in ODOO Forum. Team SerpentCS is working on ODOO application since year 2007. We are young team of 100+ people with several senior ODOO experts, Business analysts and web designers holding the experience of many years in ODOO. Having said that, we can offer you professional services with highest quality, accuracy and most importantly deliver on time. Over the period of time, SerpentCS has provided more than 35 business ready solutions, which can be found at www.serpentcs.in. Our professional services in and around ODOO are Customization, New Development, Version Migration, Database Migration, Functional Training, Technical Training, Cloud Deployment and end to end implementation as well Quality Assurance Services.

Will You Train My Administrators and End-users ?

These mobile apps are replication of ODOO base functionality. We have created screen cast videos and given links on the app information page. Which can be referred by all the app users and self learn how to use. 

SerpentCS offers both Technical Training Sessions and Functional Training Sessions on ODOO as separate services. You can contact us to know schedule and cost.

I Want to Customise the App According to My Need, Can I Do That ?

SerpentCS sales two variants;

  • Application APK file.

  • Application with Source code. 

To make customization, first you need to buy full source code of the app from SerpentCS. Post that you can make any customization you need.

Apart, SerpentCS also offers customization services. You can hire designer and developer to customize your theme & required features and let you focus on other important parts of your business.

Can I Resell this App ?

No, Purchased app is for your commercial use only. You may not include the original app including Source Code, Logo, Images etc... in any distributed end products. SerpentCS owns full Copyright of Source Code, Logo and Images which are used in these apps.

What is Support Policy for these Apps ?

In case of bug raised in our listed features in these apps, we're committed to provide bug resolution free of cost. We provide paid support for special requirements like customization according to your need.

Will I get Future Upgrades Free of Cost ?

No, purchased app is for given version of OS only. Any OS version upgrades will be chargeable because with OS version upgrade, you will probably get new feature and functionality upgrade.

How Do We Buy Mobile Apps for My Organization ?

Please contact SerpentCS Sales team at business@serpentcs.com or send us a request online at http://serpentcs.com/contact-us

How is OdooOnline Solution Priced ?

In most cases, OdooOnline mobile app has two cost components as per variant;

APK File Only

  • You will get APK files with your own company logo, color and theme

  • Price: US$ 500

APK with Source Code

  • You will get APK files with complete source code of the application, which you can use for further customization

  • Price: US$ 4900

How do We Contact Your Support ?

Please contact OdooOnline Support via email at support@serpentcs.com